The art of Issa Shojaei evokes the ethos of the eternal feminine. His exquisite portraits of women are enveloped in a luminous aura of calm and composure, through which burning energies pulsate. The women appear to be confident and strong, yet at the same time feminine and soft.

In creating his paintings the artist does not begin from sketches or models, but the images spring full blown into his mind. He then attempts to painstakingly transfer his memories
And intuitions onto the canvas. He applies his brush to the canvas, feeling and expressing the moment. He carefully blocks his color, working from light to dark, and adding black to intensify feeling and mood. Out of somber textures erupt unexpected patches of brilliant sunlight. Shojaei stresses the importance of his color, “ color brings us to a feeling of life and memory of the past…and also a sense of the future”.

The esotericism of his life and the sensuality of his style have conspired to make Shojaei an enigmatic painter. Intuitively the observer standing before one of his paintings becomes aware of a subtle process with which the artist strives to challenge the
viewer by constantly and subtly changing. The artist’s needs for growth compels him to be ever on the verge of breaking new ground or exploring new avenues of our human existence. His work stirs empathy in the viewer without labeling or defining it. With his immediately identifiable style and deep understanding of color Issa Shojaei has established himself as an internationally acclaimed artist attracting collectors worldwide.

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